Frequently asked questions

Can I send my turntable to you myself?

Yes but it is your responsibility to ensure it is packed for the mode of transport you choose. We accept no reponsibility for any damage even if we arrnage collection. We will only guarantee safe arrival if in our box with our courier.

Will the dots on the turntable line up?

The simple answer is no. Since the very first pitch control there have been several versions and the scale has never matched up since. When we calibrate we aim for the same amount of movement either side of zero and also match to the +6. This is the best that can be achieved.

Are the parts genuine Technics?

Where possible yes. Technics have discontinued almost all parts for these decks but we still have a large stock of genuine parts. Pitch controls are after market but are a very good alternative. In fact the only alternative but well received. There are two genuine Technics phono leads but these are more expensive. We find that the ones we fit as standard are well accepted and meet the specifications required.